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About Us

Welcome To Pairings!

We’re here to help, discuss, and recommend wine and food pairings.

We locate and order hard-to-find wines, help plan and craft special events, design custom gift baskets, platters, and more.

Our staff is passionate and knowledgeable. Our goal is to provide exceptional quality and value for every product in our shop.

Our Story

We favor wines characteristic of the area where they are produced (also known as the terroir), as opposed to international style wines (driven by consultants and treatment during winemaking to satisfy wine reviewers) that could be from anywhere. Wineries with environmental concerns tend to give more attention to quality and, in our experience, are more likely to provide excellent wines at a comparably lower price.

Please stop by our store and explore our hand-selected wines, other beverages and foods. We offer ongoing complimentary wine and food “pairings” (with 20% discounts) that are fun, informative and delicious!

Our Mission

Pairing food and drink is not a science. Pairings guidelines are useful, but everyone is different. Experience is the best way to develop a sense of what pairings work for you.

With so many foods and so many wines, combinations are endless and learning is never-ending. There’s no right or wrong…just what you like.

At Pairings Wine and Food, we continually explore the art of pairings by trying new wine and food combinations. Join us at our Pairings Events.


Huu Le

Huu Le came alone to the US in 2000 as International Student, then went back to his home country after graduation. All his family members have resided in the US since 2010. He is married with two daughters.